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Key West

In 1940 Thelma Strabel wrote of Key West Florida, "There is nothing for restless people to do. It is quiet and careless and charming." Half a century later, you'll find that Key West's charm has remained, though the pace of life has picked up quite a bit. Bustling, Key West hotels, fantastic restaurants, and Key West shopping makes this place one of the liveliest destinations in Florida.

The Conch Republic has played host to an array of colorful characters throughout the years - from scavenging pirates to literary giants. Key West travel provides a tropical getaway that offers a refuge for those looking to escape - whether from the law or a life less ordinary. Today, the many available Key West attractions and beautiful Key West beaches make this spot ideal for Florida family vacations. The Conch Republic is also a great place for adult getaways with its exciting, year-round nightlife, and spirited, annual events like the famous Key West Fantasy Fest.

Surrounded by water, Key West Florida has always placed its bets on the sea. In the past, wreckers, shrimpers and conch harvesters patrolled area waters for their livelihood. The spoils of these treasure hunts can be seen in the many Florida museums, including the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, home to the famous Atocha gold. These days, Conch Republic trips into Florida Bay and the Atlantic are usually for adventure - as the myriad pleasure crafts lining the Historic Seaport attest.

Life on land is just as exciting with a funky mixture of museums, historical and family-friendly Key West attractions, island tours and lots of kitsch. Key West nightlife is an attraction unto itself with more bars per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. and a nightly sunset celebration in historic Mallory Square proves once again Key Westers know what's really important in life.